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Easy Halloween Treats: Scary Rice Krispie Eyeballs Recipe

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Halloween Candy Recipes for Kids
Ooooh Scaryyyyyy!

This is my favorite Halloween treat to make! Everyone will be howling for these easy to make, no bake sweets. Scary and gooey eye balls! I thought these would be so much fun and scary to make and can’t forget delicious!

The ingredients are primarily rice krispies, marshmallows, melted white chocolate green frosting, red gel, and M&M's.

When it comes to making rice krispie treats, I always use the original recipe from the original peeps themselves- Rice Krispies Cereal. You can find it on the back of the cereal box or you can go here for the recipe.

After making the rice krispie treats- grab the treats when they’re still warm and roll them into golf size balls or smaller and round them as much as possible. Put aside as they cool down. Once they’ve cooled down- roll the rice krispie balls into melted white chocolate, til they’re completely coated. Put them aside and let them dry for about an hour

Here is where the fun begins!

Start making squigley red lines with the red icing all around the rice krispie ball, make sure to leave some white space on top to add a small dollop of green icing. The green icing you can either make on your own or get a small container of Pillsbury Green Funfetti Frosting.

To top it off with the eeriest final touch is the confectionary eye- the eye is from Ghoul M&M's. Wait to let it dry and they will be the hit of any party!


Stay tuned for the rest of our Halloween recipes to follow!

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