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Easy Winter Crafts for Kids: Snowflake Crowns!

Looking to make any fun and crafty activities while being indoors but enjoying the winter season? Here are winter snowflake crowns! We have a fun winter craft idea to have some indoor fun with a snowflake craft.

These are easy to make and fun to wear while you watch your favorite cartoon or reading your favorite book, wink wink! If you’re looking for any Wickity Stitch books, check one out at the library and if you’re local library doesn’t have one, check out our books under the shop section of the website!

This winter craft idea was not only to have something fun to do during the cold season, but also ideal to put together for a birthday party! To make it complete, add a snowflake garland, snowflake cupcakes and snowflake crowns and your all set for a winter wonderful party!

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