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Fun and Delicious Rainbow Cookies!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

When we see a rainbow, we can’t help but get all warm and fuzzy inside. To keep the momentum going for the rainbow that pops up after a Summer storm, we’re making rainbow cookies!

After discovering a rainbow after a recent storm, we decided to warm up the oven again to make some delicious rainbow- shaped cookies.

We took a trip to Michael’s and collected a few goodies. We made sure to get sugar crystals in every color of the rainbow and a rainbow cookie cutter. This is a fun activity for all kids who love their colors and making something fun and delicious while learning their colors.

We always use a butter cookie recipe to make all our cookies- they’re so buttery and tasty! And Wickity Stitch won’t deny it! Click on the link above for the recipe we love the most.

When piling up all the ingredients from the butter cookie recipe linked above, make sure to get your Wilton sugar sprinkles and rainbow cookie cutter from the Michael's store.

This recipe is so fun and delicious to make, let us know how your batch comes out!

and don't forget to use #wickitystitchandtibbits

to show us your creations!

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