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Halloween Kids Treats: Eerie Mummy Chocolate Coconut Balls

It’s October and another reminder that it’s almost time for one of Wickity Stitch's favorite holidays – Halloween! Halloween is so much fun and both Wickety Stitch and Tibbits love all of the Halloween sweet treats that come along with it.

These treats are even a little spooky like the Halloween costumes we so love, like these Eerie Coconut Mummy Balls. Spooky mummies wrapped up with coconut bandages on the outside, but they are nothing but sweet on the inside. These treats only take a small handful of ingredients to make and they are so easy for little hands to help with. You can even customize your mummy balls by adding in nuts or small bits of candy so they are sure to be your new favorite.


3 cups of vanilla wafers crushed

2 Tbsp Light Corn Syrup

1 1/2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder

1/2 Cup of Milk

1 cup of Coconut Flakes

In a mini food processor chop the vanilla wafers where they are a crumb texture

Add the light corn syrup, cocoa powder, milk and mix completely through

These is where it's going to get fun...make sure your hands are clean!

Grab a small amount of the mixture and roll them into 1 inch balls

While they're still sticky roll them in coconut flakes- make sure they're completely covered!

Add the spooky eyes as the final touches:)

You can make these treats any time, but when you make them for Halloween, be sure to get some candy eyes so you can make them into cute and spooky mummies. You can make these coconut mummies at the start of October to get you into the Halloween spirit. Or you can make them for Halloween night to help keep all your little monsters and witches happy until it’s time to go trick or treating. These coconut mummy balls also are a great addition to any Halloween party. Whether you are hosting or bringing something to a potluck party these will be a hit and disappear so quickly you’ll wonder if they are actually ghosts instead of mummies!

Wickity Stitch and Tibbits love Halloween and we can't to continue the Halloween fun with more delicious recipes, crafts and lots of fun and spooky games!

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