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Kids Birthday Treats: Chocolate Funfetti Cupcakes

These rainbow chip cupcakes have the best of both worlds. Vanilla rainbow chip frosting and chocolate rainbow chip cake. Yummmm ;) One bite and a burst of rainbow flavor will be tingling your tastebuds with these unique birthday treats. And don’t think every birthday boy and girl won’t be patiently waiting for one in their birthday seat :)

Depending on your schedule, you can make these fun children’s birthday treats with the cupcake part as a special homemade chocolate cake recipe or if you’re hard on time or you just like the taste of boxed cake, our personal favorite here at the Wickity Stitch chocolate loving headquarters is the Pillsbury Devil’s Food Cake. This cake mix has a delicious chocolatey flavor and light and fluffy in texture.

When it comes to the best part, the funfetti frosting, we highly recommend the Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip. Since this frosting might be a little more difficult to make from scratch, we opt for the quick and easy one, right in the tub. We will have a Halloween rainbow chip recipe coming up in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

Looking to create frosting perfection? Place the tub of frosting right into a piping bag and create the finishing touches to the soon to be devoured cupcakes.


These cupcakes will be sure to create a cult following that will be expected to be baked all year round:)

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Is it someone's birthday coming up? Order Wickity Stitch's Birthday Blues Book, link here and bake the fun chocolate cake recipe in the back!

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