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Kids Halloween Activity: Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Especially a Halloween one?? We do!!

This super fun activity will be a worthwhile event at your Halloween party. It will keep the trick or treaters earn their treats with a little mystery solving.

This fun scavenger hunt was inspired from our latest trip to the grocery store, we couldn’t believe how many creative ideas these candy companies came out with. Especially the Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Vampire Teeth and the Witch’s Brew Kit Kat Bars. At the sight of these, we thought...Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

So, we grabbed our Halloween candy and created this fun and spooky activity that everyone of all ages will be far too excited to want to join!

But of course, you can use regular halloween treats without any themes, besides the fun part is the mystery solving and the reward at the end, so it is a win win for all!

We created these mystery solving flashcards ready to print with the answers at the bottom just in case you need them ;)

Here are the links for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Print outs!

And now let the fun begin!

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