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New Year Chocolate Candy Cookies: Easy Cookies for Kids!

It’s the new year and we’re still recovering from the holidays and all the sugar overload that comes with it. We wanted to pull a recipe from the past, that we thought would be a rather inclusive cookie for this time of year, a send off to the seasonal holidays, if you will. A Leftover Holiday Candy Cookie or a Welcome To The New Year Cookie! A delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe and easy for kids to bake!

These leftover Christmas chocolates will not only add a dash of color but also an extra dose of flavor. These cookies are great to make with any holiday’s leftover candy. We made these for Halloween and instead used a store bought cookie dough and also added some extra ingredients like marshmallows, since smores is always a big hit for our leftover Halloween cookie recipe. Like I said, you can add anything else to these cookies, the more the merrier! As Wickity Stitch would say ;)

We are going to start out with a basic chocolate chip cookie dough with just a couple of revisions, which is mainly adding more yummy goodness such as

m and m’s and peanut butter cups.

These Christmas Leftover Candy Cookies have a softer texture and plumps up, so the cookie base houses the peanut butter cup chunks nicely with every bite. Adding the m and m's also leaves a nice crunch alternative to the softer cookie.

Overall, these easy to make cookies are a win win and everyone will be running around screaming yum yum!

You know there won’t be any leftovers with these New Years Cookies laying around. We would love to hear all about your baking experiences with us, feel free to add a comment, we would love to hear from our readers!

Don't forget, we also have a couple of fun winter activities that will go hand in hand with your newly baked treats! There is also a very wintry reading challenge that we are very excited to get started on!

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