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Travel Sweets & Treats: Best Desserts in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Hello Charlotte, North Carolina!

We couldn’t believe all the amazing ice cream shops and bakeries in the Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood. With a growing number of transplants from all over the country, it only looks like all the awesome sweets and treats in the area are here to stay!

We traveled high and low to add the most noteworthy visits to our list, we went all into the inners and outers of the highway 485. Clearly only Charlotteoans would understand, uptown is downtown. We were a bit confused at first. But nonetheless, we love Charlotte!

1- Hazelnut’s Creperie- Who loves crepes? We do! We were so excited to visit this crepe utopia again but since it was Memorial Day weekend they were closed, Wah Wah Wah! This place made the list, before there was a list. It is a must visit, the best crepes ever! Savory and Sweet and everything else in between, there is something here for everyone! Nutella Banana, s'mores a la mode, banana split crepe- just to get your mouth watering. (Sorry!) 9830 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277; ; Instagram @hazelnutscreperie

Hazelnuts Creperie Charlotte North Carolina
Credit Hazelnuts Creperie Instagram

2-Two Scoops Creamery- This place is mural heaven! It is a fun place for everyone of all ages to hang out in. With amazing ice cream murals across the shop, you definitely feel like you're in an ice cream wonderland. The best part about Two Scoop Creamery was the double scoop wafer cone! I know this is a treasured nostalgic piece of confectionary history and I haven’t seen this in like, forever or actually ever! I was inspired to get the Cookie Monster and the Marky Mark, Vanilla ice cream with M & M's. Yummy and creamy, the pairing did not disappoint, be sure to visit! 913 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204; ; Instagram @twoscoopscreamery

Two Scoops Creamery Charlotte North Carolina
80's Baby + 90's kid = Best Ice Cream Pairing Ever!

3- Suarez bakery- This place is well known for a lot of things, their tres leches and coconut cream cake are two, but what I can’t get enough of are their sugar cookies- YUM! One of the best bakeries in Charlotte also has the best tasting sugar cookies and the prettiest. They change it up all the time, luckily this visit, they had ice cream sundaes, cupcakes and dinosaurs, had to get the dinosaur, too cute to pass up! They also have the Texas doughnut cake that only pictures can describe this cake, will have to order it next time I come down and maybe for a certain someone’s birthday! (hint hint: She is a chocolate loving witch) 4245 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209; ; Instagram @suarezbakery

Sugar Cookies Suarez Bakery Charlotte North Carolina
Too pretty to eat! What to do?!?

4- Pop Bar- Clt- Noda is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Charlotte. With up and coming status, they have coffee shops, awesome restaurants and the cutest cat cafe. Shout out to MacTabby! Their newest addition to the hood is Pop Bar, known for their "handcrafted gelato on a stick" Walking in, I was ready to buy one of their infamous pops, but after catching sight of this little bad boy, I had to get the gelato shake. This was definitely an innovatively delicious treat that we were happily salivating over. A really well made and delicious strawberry gelato shake with a waffle cone and whip cream strategically placed with a straw, ready for a photo op! 3123 N Davidson St #102, NC 28205 ; ; Instagram @popbarclt

Pop Bar Gelato Shake NODA Charlotte North Carolina
Pop Bar Gelato Shake with a Waffle Cone and Whipped Cream- Yes Yes Yes!

5- Swirl CLT- Newly situated in the up and coming Oakhurst neighborhood. Once cake caterers are now proud owners of a custom cupcake bar, how is it no one has thought of this before? Lucky us! Cupcakes are ready to be plucked from the shelf- funfetti, chocolate, red velvet, strawberry vanilla, etc. Nutella, strawberry buttercreme, cookie butter, just to name a couple of the frosting options and the TOPPINGS! The toppings are of course the best toppings ever! Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, potato chips, marshmallows, gummi bears, etc. Voila! You get your own creation of the most personalized cupcake you will ever have! 1640 Oakhurst Commons Dr #103, Charlotte, NC 28205; Instagram @swirlclt

Swirl Custom Cupcake Charlotte North Carolina
Funfetti Cupcake, Strawberry Frosting w/ Oreos and Fruity Pebbles Deliciousness!

6- Jeni’s Ice Cream- The infamous Jeni’s ice cream has finally made its presence in Charlotte! The south end of charlotte that is. With its own little freestanding store with bright lights shining above and the smell of their homemade waffle cones calling your name around the corner. We were lucky enough to get in there in the middle of the week, so the line was relatively short. Beware, if you go on the weekend- there is a line that literally goes down the street and at another point crosses the street, so all I have to say is good luck with that. With that said, the coffee with cream and sugar ice cream and the peanut butter with chocolate flecks was out of this world! And on top of a buttery homemade waffle cone was extraordinary, to say the least. After tasting the ice cream, now I understand why the line was about a mile long. Jeni’s ice cream will be opening their second location at the Park Road Shopping Center in the summer. Now New York just has to get a Jeni's! 1920 Camden Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203; ; Instagram @jenisicecreams

Jeni's Ice Cream Waffle Cone South End Charlotte North Carolina
Jeni's Ice Cream- Coffee w/ Cream & Sugar and Salted Peanut Butter w/ Chocolate Flecks and a dash of sprinkles! Yum!

7- The Local Scoop- This is a new addition to the extensive roster of ice cream shops in the area. They had some fun ice cream sundaes and I had to indulge. And I think Wickity Stitch would approve- the Mud Pie Sundae. Oh yes, there are gummy worms and Oreo cookie crumbs in between the cookies and cream ice cream. It was quite the masterpiece. Although this is located a little further out of the main city, it is well worth the trip! 5355 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy #100, Charlotte, NC 28277; ; Instagram @localscoopclt

The Local Scoop Ice Cream Sundae Charlotte North Carolina
The Local Scoop- Mud Pie Ice Cream Sundae- Gimme Those Gummy Worms!

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