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Children's Picture Books

Wickity Stitch's Sweet Halloween Children's Book
Wickity Stitch's Thanksgiving!
children's book story about a witch and cat enjoying their beach day adventure.
Wickity Stitch and Tibbits is a fun and silly book series about a witch and cat, Wickity Stitch and Tibbits. It's Wickity's birtday and her friends aren't anywhere in sight! What will the chocolate- loving witch do?

Author Bio

Elle L Stone reading Wickity Stitch's children's holiday books

Elle L. Stone is an author and animal lover who lives in Westchester County, New York, with her cat Siddhartha. In her spare time, Elle devises ways to get her cat to show her some more affection, with varied rates of success. She describes herself as a connoisseur of French fries and can never refuse a well- crafted donut. Her love for a wide range of books and literature has also found her a member of her local library and in her spare time she supports many animal rescue organizations across the United States.


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**If you would like to host a Wickity Stitch reading for a birthday party or event please email us!

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