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Fourth of July Jello Pops for Kids!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Fourth of July is right around the corner and what do you have planned to make for the little ones?

These patriotic jello push pops are super refreshing and super fun to make.

I’ve always used these little push pops for little cakes, but I thought making jello cutouts and adding whipped cream instead of frosting, can look and taste just as good.


Whipped Cream

To make these jiggly cutouts, the recipe to follow is a little different.

For every package use 1 cup of hot water (don't add any cold water!) Dissolve the Jello contents in the hot water. Takes a couple of minutes.

Take one of the two baking sheets 13 x 9 or something a bit smaller. Spray the sheet with cooking spray first and then pour in the mixture. Remove any bubbles that may surface around the corners.

Take the second baking sheet and do the same for the second flavor.

Keep in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Grab your jello sheets out of the refrigerator and line them up for the cut outs. I use the top part of the plastic cake pusher. Get close to each circle, to maximize a number of cutouts.

This is where the fun part begins!

Start layering all the ingredients: First with red jello, whipped cream, blue jello, whipped cream and then add sprinkles.

Or see where your creativity leads you. This fun 4th of July dessert can be a bit messy but it's lots of fun to make and delicious too!

We can't wait to see your foodie creations! Don't forget to tag Wickity Stitch with her hashtag #wickitystitchandtibbits for the two besties to see!

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