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Fun and Easy Kids Dessert: Delicious Valentine's Day Heart Cake

This delicious cake is perfect for a Valentine's Day treat! This is not some ordinary vanilla cake, with a few drops of pink dye, swirl it around and you will get a fun pink marble Valentine's Day cake. Yummm and fun to make!

This is a great last minute treat to make for Valentine's Day.

This recipe comes in handy when you're using basic ingredients that you already have. I mean, who doesn't have a box of cake mix laying around? We wanted to spruce up a basic recipe and have some fun with it, in the name of Valentine's Day.


1 box of vanilla cake mix

Red dye

Pink and Red Sprinkles ( nonpareils or jimmies)

Strawberry Frosting

Once the cake mix has all the ingredients and is throughly mixed. Pour half of the cake mix in another bowl.

Add a few drops of pink dye in one bowl and turn it completely through till it's all pink.

Then add a couple of random dollops of the pink and white batter in the baking pan place and swirl the batter around so there is a steady swirl throughout the cake mix.

Use the cake batter for either cupcakes or use an 8 x 8 baking dish. For this recipe we will use a cake pan. Follow the instructions on the back of the box for cooking times.

Once the cake or cupcakes are done. Let them cool off before adding frosting.

Add a thick layer of frosting of choice, our frosting of choice is strawberry, as it is not only festive but absolutely delicious too!

Grab your heart cookie cutters place them all around the cake and then add sprinkles in the cookie cutters.

We decided to add a big heart of sprinkles in the middle of the cake just to show Wickity Stitch's big love for cake and the holidays! Let us know how you're spending your Valentine's Day! We always love to hear all the fun and creative ideas everyone shares for the holidays!

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