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Thanksgiving Kids Treats: Oreo Turkey Snacks!

Halloween came and went and we enjoyed every moment of it! Of course, we have plenty of candy left over, it’s only been 2 days! If you’re looking for something fun to do with that extra candy, check out our candy bark post here, for some yummy and delicious inspiration!

This fun Thanksgiving- inspired activity came from our leftover Halloween snacks. We felt prompted to make these delicious Turkey Oreos. Since we had some leftover Boo! Oreos from Halloween, this was the perfect roll over holiday treat! Yes, we are just as surprised there were left overs!

These are a quick, easy and fun activity for any little one to enjoy making and much more excited to eat afterwards.


Twist off the top part of the Oreos and keep the one that has the creme on it. Press three acorns into the top part of the creme oreo. Grab 2 mini eyeball decorations, place them below the acorns. Use one of the half cut M&M's and place it underneath the eyeballs.

We don’t like throwing anything away, so we love to keep the other half of the oreo for another confectionery treat, like a chocolate cookie pie crust, you can never make enough of those! Since we are going into pie season! Yummmm :)

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